Message from Dr. Wax

Hi there! Thank you for looking into Dr. Wax Orthodontics. I want to personally welcome you to our practice. Our practice was built from my heart and we treat our patients and our team members like family. Every team member has been carefully selected and you will find that we have the most incredible people here at Dr. Wax Orthodontics. They are the nicest and hardest working people.

I’d like to share a little about myself. I have a love for the Fenton/Linden community because I grew up here. I lived in Fenton and went to Linden schools. Why did I become an orthodontist? Well, it started back when I was really young. I loved going to the dentist (can you believe it?!). I would hold up a mirror to watch them work on my teeth and I would ask questions. I found teeth and what the dentist did to be fascinating. Then, when I was a teenager, I got braces and this was even more fascinating to me. Again, I would hold my mirror up to watch and ask questions just like I did at the dentist (I was surprisingly good at talking with my mouth open while they worked). My teeth were extremely crowded and I had to get teeth pulled to make room. Orthodontics, and the transformation I experienced, completely changed my confidence. I tell my mom to this day how appreciative I am that she provided that to me, because I might not be who I am and where I am today if I never had braces. That is crazy to think about. When you are not confident with your teeth and your smile, it changes who you are, how you interact with people, and how people perceive who you are. Because of my personal experience with orthodontics and how it changed my life, I wanted to do this for others. I have always loved helping people. The only other career I considered was being a third grade teacher, because I love kids, I love helping, and I love teaching. I ultimately chose to become an orthodontist, and the incredible thing is, I get to do all those things as an orthodontist too (work with kids, help people, and teach both my patients and my team). It is seriously a dream come true that I get to do what I do and work with all the patients we get to help. And remember the love for the community that I mentioned? I have tied that into what we do at Dr. Wax Orthodontics. Our mission is to make a positive impact in the lives of our patients and our community. We donate a portion of our proceeds back to our local schools, charities and local organizations. You might see us out and about at various events because we love serving our community! And if you do, please come say hi, it will make our day!

Again, I want to personally welcome you to Dr. Wax Orthodontics. We are here to make your experience great! I know you will love it here as much as I do. If you have any questions, seriously, any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to us (call, message us here, facebook, anywhere!)

My Education:

Michigan State University: Bachelor of Science in Physiology

The Ohio State University: Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

University of Detroit Mercy: Orthodontic Residency


I opened Dr. Wax Orthodontics in 2014. It was important to me to be close to my family and to be able to serve the community I grew up in.


Dr. Nicole wax

(Ryan, Oliver, Everly, Gypsy (the one eyed beagle), Aussie (the mini aussie)

This is my team. I am so incredibly proud of them. They are the most amazing people! Our receptionists will greet you with the warmest smiles and make sure you are taken care of. Our clinical team will work hard on perfecting your smile every time you’re here. And our team of doctors are extremely smart, talented, and so kind and personable.