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Invisalign is a wonderful technology that has a lot of advantages. First of all, Invisalign is an option for kids, teens and adults along with more complex treatments. We have so many individuals come into the office that were previously told by another dentist or orthodontist that Invisalign wasn’t an option. We are here to tell you that it is! Invisalign are clear aligners that fit around your teeth. This makes for a more aesthetically pleasing look than braces. There are no food restrictions when you are in Invisalign. Simply remove your aligners, eat what you want and put them back in (after brushing of course!) It is great for active lifestyles such as playing a musical instrument, playing sports such as football or wrestling (because they can be removed). Invisalign makes for less emergency visits to our office (no broken brackets, or poke wires) and because they are completely removable, keeping up with oral hygiene is a little easier.


Braces are the more traditional option when it comes to orthodontic treatment and can be used to straighten teeth on kids, teens and adults. Choosing the colors of your rubber bands can be an exciting. Will you choose your favorite team colors, your school colors or maybe just your favorite color. There are some food restrictions that should be followed when wearing braces to avoid breakage and extra visits to our office.

Why Age 7

Our doctors, and the American Association of Orthodontists, encourage an early orthodontic evaluation when your child is 7 years old. This is the best time to catch any subtle problems that may develop into more complex treatment if not addressed at a young age. Our doctors will assess the bite and if your child has adequate spacing for all the permanent teeth yet to come. With our specialized imaging, we can evaluate many important aspects that are not visible in the mouth such as missing teeth, extra teeth, impacted teeth, correct positioning of teeth, and spacing for the teeth. Early treatment, which occurs when some baby teeth are still present, can prevent small issues from becoming bigger problems and help achieve better results.

Adult Treatment

We make orthodontic treatment as an adult quick, easy and affordable! Whether your teeth are not straight because you stopped wearing your retainer or because you never had the opportunity to get orthodontic treatment when you were younger, we can help! You deserve a smile that you love and the confidence that comes along with it! At Dr. Wax Orthodontics you choose between braces and Invisalign. It is never too late to begin your orthodontic journey.

Retainer Guarantee

Did you know that you must wear your retainer to keep your teeth straight after orthodontics?

Here at Dr. Wax Orthodontics we have three simple tips to help keep your beautiful smile straight.

  1. Make sure you wear your retainers. Full time for the first year and then night time only after that. Night time for a lifetime!
  2. Always keep a backup retainer! Whether it’s because you lost it, break it, your dog eats it, or it just starts to wear down, having a backup ready to go is a must!
  3. Sign up for our Retainer Guarantee Program! This is a program we offer that helps replacing your retainers affordable. Call our office today to learn more about how to protect your smile with the Dr. Wax Orthodontics Smile Guarantee.
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Smile Transformation

It’s not all about the aesthetics but how you feel when you see your new smile for the first time.

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